The London Beer factory is a unique micro brewery set up in the heart of London with the aim of connecting with both a local and wider audience. Using the idea of London at it’s heart, the brewery is set up to be a place that encompasses the fun and diversity of the city whilst at the same time offering an insight into the wonderful world of brewing – its heritage, process and of course distinct flavours and textures

Year2016ProjectWeb Design, eCommerce, Custom Quotation


In such an “overstocked” market it is sometimes difficult to stand out from the crowd. The London Beer Factory needed pump clips with branding that would not only stamp it’s mark on the location where the beer is brewed (London) but also show customers that they are different from the competition and entice them to try the range.


  • Encompassed logo into the design
  • Added a subtle London hint with the Thames on the clip
  • Bright vibrant colours
  • Simple and clear text and information

The clips were designed digitally and printed, embossed and cut onto metal plaques. The overall result is a pump clip that stands strong amongst others. The vibrant colours entice the younger target market and at the same time promote the brand’s key messages – Creativity, Diversity and Heritage.