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We are a creative agency located in the digital capital of the UK, London. We’ve created hundreds of solutions and designs for clients big and small.

Web Development

We specialise in creating unique mobile friendly websites tailored to suit our client’s needs. Whether it is a single page, full scale CMS or campaign site – we can help.

App Design & Development

Looking to enhance your business offering by taking it into the palm of your customer’s hand? We specialise in designing and creating bespoke mobile applications in line with your business functions.

Digital Design

Our design team not only works online but offline as well offering a full circle design service from logo design, business cards through to brochures and large scale print.

Digital Consultancy and Management

Don’t have your own in-house digital team? We can help keep you and your business up to speed inline with your offline strategy. We offer a one to one consultancy service – essentially your very own in-house/out-house team.

Success is derived from passion and design where you stand with a foot in two worlds – the world of technology and the world of people and human purposes – and you bring the two together.

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Our Service

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated team are happy to help you with both know-how and experience in your day to day online and on mobile business.

Responsive Layout

All our websites are mobile friendly and adapt to a user’s device, making it easy for them to access your website wherever they are.

Website management

We don’t just give you the website and leave you stranded, we’re able to guide you all the way the through the process of setting up your site and continuous management if required.

24 Hour Support

We’re always on standby for you to ensure that you and your business are not only live and online but up to date whenever you need to be.

We like to talk (...and work!)

Our passion lies in the creation of intelligent consumer experiences that shape the future for all our new and existing clients. To do this, we seek to understand your business online and offline through a consultative and collaborative approach.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Meet Me At


“Meet Me At” is a blogging website which includes posts about places, people and occasions. The aim is for people to find places and destinations that match their occasions. Unlike other travel related sites that simply review venues, Meet Me At gives you more… Meet Me At isn’t just about the food on your plate or the tones of the wine but more about the whole experience including atmosphere, feeling and of course what occasion would be suited to the place. Meet Me At doesn’t analyse every dish on the menu, but it tells you how close together the tables are (and if you’re on a first date, what’s more important?).


Meet Me At wanted to stand apart from other travel websites and blogs and offer something different for the visitor, something engaging and interesting without it all being down to ratings and reviews. The website was an expanded blog concept and Wilde Interactive were tasked with creating a unique identity as well as a functional website that could have multiple content contributors as well as allow content to be tagged against both locations and meeting experiences eg. date night, business meeting etc.

The purpose of the website is to let the not only let the user find what they want by location but most importantly, by the occasion.


  • Logo design
  • Unique icon design – location based heart
  • Responsive website design
  • Website Development
  • Email subscription integration
  • Featured venues/locations
  • Geographically tag content
  • Cross promotion to Facebook
  • Hosting

Wilde worked closely with the client to ensure that the logo would provide a clear and concise message about what the website was about – people, places and occasions – The heart symbolising the meeting of people and the location aspect highlighted by the right hand side marker.

The website exceeded the expectations of the client, Wilde added a bespoke geo tagging and category functionality into the backend of the website so that when a venue/destination was added it would show up on a map as well as be tagged in the relevant occasion (Meet Me At…) category.

Aisling Drennan

Aisling Drennan is an up and coming Irish artist who has received prolific exposure in London in the last few years. Recently graduating with an MA in fine are from Central St. Martin’s, Aisling is set to take on the greats with her timeless pieces inspired from her years in Ireland, experiences gained as part of Riverdance the musical and the everyday creative inspiration that London has to offer.


Creating a website needs to be something that is more than a marketing space but something personifies both the artist and their work. Wilde were tasked with combining simplicity, style, creativity and information and presenting an online portfolio that provided users with an insight into the style of the artist and the work.

Alongside the website, Wilde were tasked with creating a logo that complimented the artist and her work. Two teams of creatives looking to establish a single goal – some may say an interesting task – we were up for the challenge.


  • Logo design
  • Responsive website design
  • Bespoke portfolio with the ability to update
  • Portfolios by year
  • Contact form

With a solid brief, Wilde set out to delve into the creative mind of Aisling and portray her ideas on a digital canvas. The result is a beautifully simple website and logo that communicates the Aisling’s vision and works of art in a truly elegant way.

Emily Skinner Events

  • Client Name: Emily Skinner Events
  • Visit Website: Coming soon...

Emily Skinner Events is a bespoke events management company specialising in Corporate and Private Events in and around London. Their aim is to organise events so that the client can take care of what is important – their guests. Be it a corporate dinner, guests at home for an intimate occasion or a family wedding they pride themselves in looking after all the smaller details. Services include full scope event production, catering and event management through to smaller options such as venue, sourcing catering, photographers and lighting.


Emily Skinner Events wanted their website to stand out from the “event” crowd and very much show what they do and can do. Understanding that mobile is taking a prolific stance in the digital world today it was imperative to create a mobile friendly website that presented information and content in an easy to navigate format so as to gain the attention of the visitors when and where they wanted it.


  • Responsive website design
  • Website Development
  • Bespoke enquiry form
  • Allow the client to upload portfolio items
  • Hosting

Wilde created a very visual website to ensure that the business proposition could be communicated quickly a effectively. The responsiveness of the the website enhances the user’s experience what viewed on a mobile device with the inclusion of mobile gestures such as swiping, scrolling and mobile friendly navigation.

UW Group

  • Client Name: UW Investments Ltd.

UW Group is a new investment and consultancy business based in the heart of the City of London. The aim is to aquire small to medium businesses and create a worthy portfolio of profitable businesses.


The UW Group is competing in a large market and although it’s small size means it has greater ability to be nimble and adapt, they wanted their brand to be prominent and compete with the best in the field. The logo needed to be striking enough to warrant thought and intent to look further into the business.


  • Creative consultancy
  • Logo design

It is sometimes quite a challenge to design for the financial industry as boundaries cannot be pushed to far and cause confusion or further more dilute a brand. Wilde therefore create a unique logo that encompassed the connectivity of the business between themselves and the customers by combining the “U” and the “W” as well as creating a logo that is able to stand as a shoulder to shoulder with the best in the industry.


EpicDermis aesthetics offer a range of professional cosmetic treatments in London to help their customers keep looking and feeling young, relaxed and healthy. Alongside the aesthetics treatments, EpicDermis also offer a Private GP service. All their treatments are done after a consultation with a trained cosmetic doctor. They believe that all their services and products are specialised medical procedures and such should be carried out by trained doctors.


EpicDermis is a new business offering a unique private home treatments service. As a new company they were  looking to align themselves with someone who could not only use creative ideas to encapsulate the business offering but drive their business forward via both digital and print.

The biggest challenge was to create a visually appealing brand using imagery that did not depict the negative aspects of facial aesthetics.


  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Website Development
  • Appointment enquiry form
  • Promotional posters
  • Promotional film for David Lloyd gyms across London.
  • Hosting

Wilde worked closely with the EpicDermis to ensure that the logo would provide a message to customers that would generate a visual feeling of health and care.

The websites core function was to provide information about the products and services and allow visitors to enquire and book appointments. Wilde created the website inline with the new brand as well as applied SEO practice to ensure the service ranked well across search engine.

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  • It’s a pleasure to work with Wilde, they make it easy to understand the digital world and make it work for me and my business.

    Kate Holmes-Client London
  • These guys are great, they really know their stuff.

    Emily Skinner - ESE Events

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We believe in a diverse team to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Wilde Interactive have a solid team of designers, developers and creatives. This means we can meet (..and exceed) our clients expectations.

What’s more our team is 100% UK based, not that we don’t believe in diversification, however we do believe that it allows us to deliver the best service possible.

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Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more creativity, more code and of course more coffee.

As a result we deliver a better full circle experience for our clients.

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